P.A.T.H Community Awareness and Prayer Night

We are blessed to have a young woman on our core team that is connected with a local agency called People Against Trafficking Humans. P.A.T.H. is a faith based not-for-profit organization with a mission to end human exploitation through awareness, action and aftercare. There vision is to see a world free from modern human slavery and oppression. Part of their plan to do so is to engage the community in prevention and awareness through Coalition Nights and and Awareness Nights. We were fortunate to partner with them and host a night were local churches from all over Western New York and local community members gathered within our building to worship and pray for the victims, perpetrators, and for God to end human exploitation. It was an extraordinary experience as we all gathered together to seek God’s face in worship and prayer with regards to this atrocity. As we have a volunteer in our congregation we will partner in whatever we can with this organization in the near future. If you would like more information on P.A.T.H. go to http://www.pathofwny.org.

Attached you’ll see some pictures from the night.

Our own Mike White speaking about the value of human life through God’s eyes.
People in groups praying for specific things regarding human trafficking.
One of 5 prayer stations set up all over the building.
Closing in celebration.

Serving Depew Middle School

Knowing that the start of school can put some added stress on families, we wanted to reach out and see if there was any opportunity to provide school supplies to families in need in our community. Being a school counselor myself, I approached the  school counselor at Depew Middle School if they would bless us by allowing us give to their need. Without any hesitation, she empathetically accepted! We aided in providing over 15 families with school supplies that they would have otherwise not have been able have unless the donation was made to the school. In the midst of the giving we had the opportunity to not only model the love of Christ by meeting a need but also share the gospel of Jesus Christ with some staff at the School as well. They gladly notified the families of who gave the school the supplies and sent us a heartfelt letter stating “it’s wonderful that your congregation has come together to reach out to a local school and offer a REAL helping hand!”

The Mayor’s Request

Prior to launching we prayed earnestly that God would grant us favor with the town and village. We approached the Mayor a few months back with the goal of seeing how WE could serve HIM and the town. A relationship has grown between our congregation and the town which has resulted in the Mayor asking us to pray at their Town Board Meetings, has on his own accord put us in contact with community leaders, asked us to sit in on matters involving drug addiction in the neighborhood and has asked Restoration Twin Village to head-up the Community Christmas Dinner and Gift Drive for the needy families in our community! Continue to keep praying for His favor!